French Spaniel

Wonderful family dog! and exceptional versatile pointer and retriever dog

Rare breed

Outside Québec people asking me ''what is this breed? is the first time i see this breed''

the French Spaniel is a rare breed if you live outside of Québec in Canada or in U.S.A. you will have the best dog for the family and for hunting, dont forget the hunting time is around 2 months the rest of the time the dog still with the family.

French Spaniel is an intelligent dog that looks to please its owner. It does not take to a harsh handler. It responds well to positive treatment and repetitive lessons. It is a calm loving hunting companion and makes a wonderful house dog. The French Spaniel is a fine family dog and a good neighborhood dog as well. Superb with children, they are patient and loving.

Origin and Purpose
The French Spaniel is one of the oldest pointing dogs, a famous setting dog used in the Middle Ages for hunting. The breed originated in France and was used there in the 17th century. He makes an excellent
companion because he is a true gentleman by nature; he has a kind, intelligent, noble, and dignified expression and friendly attitude. The French Spaniel is a really good hunting dog with his intelligent search,
short range, accurate and quick location, pointing, style, and intensity. He makes an excellent hunting companion because of his calm nature. A good retriever works methodically on land or in water. Icy water or
bramble does not deter him. The French Spaniel has also competed in field trials, where he does very well. His intellectual, moral, and physical qualities make him an excellent sporting dog and family pet.

General Appearance
The French Spaniel suggests strength and stamina, also elegance. A strongly built noble hunting dog, with great endurance, not coarse in any way, he is a medium-sized dog, very active, and lovable, mild disposition,
and is never vicious. Highly intelligent in nature, his enthusiasm and willingness to work hard are his heritage. He is very easy to train.

Measurement at the withers:
Males should measure from 22-24 inches (56-61 cm)
Females should measure from 21-23 inches (53-59 cm).


sorry i probably do some mistake i am better in french

french spaniel